Seasons Changing

Nature is literally on our doorstep here and as the seasons change, the landscape changes too.  Last month, the farmers were busy with the harvesting, and as they moved from field to field, the colours changed before our very eyes.  The vines are being pruned at the moment too – all by hand and with an amazing amount of care and attention.  The temperatures are falling steadily and we’ve moved from ‘fresh’ to ‘brisk’ and are now approaching ‘freezing’ so this manual work is really a labour of love.  Those next to the house here are sold on to the great Cognac houses and seeing them work day by day, it is no surprise they are of such a high quality grade. Another great surprise was to find that we are directly under the flightpath of the cranes, who migrate South around November and return just as the 6 nations kicks off.  It’s an incredible sight to see thousands of birds travelling South – hearing them first and then seeing them trail across the sky hour after hour.