January Mindfulness


It’s hard to believe we’re coming to the end of another year – and still living through these strange pandemic times.  It’s been a long year but during these cold, dark days, it’s great to know there are – quite literally – brighter days ahead…   And after a ‘little lull’, we’re delighted that we’ll be […]

Bealtaine Blessings


Bealtaine, the old Irish pagan festival, marks the beginning of summer.  It falls halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice, and was the time when the cows were driven out to the summer pastures, when rituals were performed to protect cattle, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Legend has it that the festival […]

Ease into the New Year


It’s been a difficult year and many of us are looking forward to bidding farewell to 2020 and welcoming in a new year.  We thought January would be a great month in which to offer some online mindfulness sessions and were delighted our teacher Martin agreed! Happier still that we’ll be offering our ‘Month of […]

The Sunflowers are Out!

Yippee – it’s officially summer! The sunflowers have arrived here in the Charente and mother nature is glowing in all her glory.  Everything is growing at a great rate – the vines, the wheat, the corn – what a balm at this time of uncertainty…  We’ve been taking lots of photos recently so check us […]

Saturday Mindfulness


As the pandemic continues and we try to adjust to a host of ‘new normals’, the stresses and strains can often feel overwhelming.  We know instinctively that we need to take care of ourselves, but it’s often so hard to find the time or make the time.  But maybe – for the month of July […]

A little taster of our Mindfulness Retreat…


As the temperatures climb, everything here in beautiful Cognac is springing into action – the daffs are out, the vines are waking up and we’re busy too – preparing for the first of our well-being getaways – our yoga weekend next month and our mindfulness retreat in April. This lovely little video by Dominic Cogan […]

Back home spreading news of 2020 Spring Programme

Six months on from Irish Times fame, and 60 happy clients later, we’re back in Dublin spreading the word about our spring programme of meditation, yoga and mindfulness weekends.  We were delighted to join old friends at new at Saturday’s High School Dinner celebrating 150 years of Charlie’s alma mater.  Great fun and proud to […]

The month of rapid growth!

June was ‘the month of rapid growth’.  You could see things sprouting right in front of you – the plants, the crops, the grass (and sadly the weeds too!) So – it was a full time job to keep the grounds in order and Charlie was busy as a bee… We also had the pleasure […]

More gems and jewels…

This month we hosted our second Mindfulness Weekend which was another amazing experience.  Imelda Wright facilitated the programme and the feedback once more was so positive.  We’d made a few changes to the programme since February providing more relaxation time and the temperatures were also that little bit warmer so more time outside.  Alongside the […]

From singing to sand dunes!

At last, the temperatures are slowly creeping up and it feels we’re leaving the winter behind.  The landscape is changing by the day with more and more signs of spring.  We’re also coming out of our hibernation and doing a little more in the community… joining the local choir, we’re going to more local markets […]