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Finding stillness amidst the chaos

Many of us are feeling worried and stressed as the covid19 pandemic continues.  At this time, more than ever, it is important that we take care of ourselves, so that we can see clearly, respond calmly and be there for each other.  Just as important as washing your hands, taking care of the body and mind is essential right now. Below a series of short videos to help you connect with and steady the mind and cope better with the challenges ahead. We will post more videos here in the weeks to come so stay tuned and take care… 

An Introduction

Mindfulness teacher and physiotherapist Martin Towey introduces the series of short videos including mindful yoga and other meditation practices. We hope these will offer you a way to steady the mind and cope better with the challenges which lie ahead.

Sitting Meditation

The practice comprises awareness of breathing to steady the mind, improve moment to moment awareness and the noticing of habitual thought patterns. Learning to consciously respond with an attitude of self-compassion rather than automatically react.

Self Compassion Practice

This short self-compassion meditation is designed to work with more challenging emotions in a gentle and novel way, to really care for these troubled parts of ourselves – not fighting with or fleeing from what is here but gently taking care of ourselves.

Mindful Movement

This is a guided meditation of gentle yoga movements.  It improves our sensitivity to the body so we can recognise the effect of thoughts and emotions in our everyday life and therefore take care of ourselves more effectively.

The Seven Eleven Breath

This simple technique, which takes just a few minutes, helps to restore a sense of balance in the mind and body.

The Seven Eleven Breath

This is a short practice of less than 5 minutes, which can lower stress levels quickly…

The Body Scan

This practice promotes wellbeing and concentration by allowing the mind to focus on sensations in the body.

Mindfulness of Body and Breath

This sitting meditation helps to settle the mind and body. It also teaches us some key points about the practice of mindfulness.

More to come....


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